Snug Harbor

1228 Gordon St. Charlotte, NC 28205

Wednesday 8 pm-2 am
Thursday 8 pm-2 am
Friday 430 pm-2 am
Saturday 3 pm-2 am
Sunday 3 pm-2 am

Concerts are 18+ / $5 surcharge for anyone 18-20

All other events are 21+
Must bring a valid ID for entry

For booking inquiries, please
For all other inquiries, please
If you believe that your credit card or any other item has been left here, please come by in person during business hours.


FOH Desk:

Behringer x32 Compact 

All 32 channels available 

Main Speakers (stereo mix):

3- QSC K-12 (LCR)

1- JBL SRX828SP18

Monitors (3 mixes-SR/SL/Drum):  

3- Yamaha DXR15 (2 front wedges/1 drum wedge)


DBX Driverack PA2

Microphones and Direct Boxes:

4- Shure Beta 58 

3- Shure SM58

4- Shure SM57

5- Behringer XM8500

8- Direct Boxes

Drum Mics:

3- Sennheiser e604 Snare / Toms

1- Shure Beta 52a / Kick (can swap with Audix D6)

2- Audix Fusion f15 condenser / Hats or OH 

4- EV PL55 misc percussion

Guitar Mics:

2- Sennheiser e609

1- Audix i5

Bass Guitar Mic:

1- Audix D6 (can swap with Beta 52a)